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Why Use Credit Flexibility? How?

Get out of class! You can get credit toward high school graduation by doing almost anything.

Play the Blues, take a trip, get an internship, do research, start a business, take a class outside school, go to iTunesU, you name it!

Is it Rigorous?


Teachers, parents, others, have something to ask or contribute about the process?


Credit flex isn't about watering down rigor but rather ramping up relevance. This site aims to help teachers and students plan educational experience that of the highest quality.

ODE Guidance Documents

The Ohio Department of Education offers a number of documents about specific subjects and aspects. Check here or the CF Community of Practice for updates.

General Information

Highly Qualified Teachers

Funding Information

Assessment/Gifted Information

Physical Education/Athletic Eligibility Information

Career-Technical Information

Students with Disabilities

World Languages

Career/Technical Education

Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA)

Ohio High School Athletics Association (OHSAA)

Not in Ohio? Credit Flexibility may be coming to your state!

Credit Flex Resources

This area will contain a sortable list of district-by district plans, forms, and other resources.
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