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Title: Algebra I via Khan Academy


This is the original Algebra playlist on the Khan Academy and is where Sal continues to add videos that are not done for some other organization. It starts from very basic algebra and works its way through algebra II. This is the best algebra playlist to start at if you've never seen algebra before. Once you get your feet wet, you may want to try some of the videos in the "Algebra I Worked Examples" playlist.


Subject: Math

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At this writing, don't have a specific example of an Ohio student getting credit flex credits via khan academy. However, it is pretty clear that many students can learn Algebra via Khan, and learn it well and perhaps more easily.

It looks like Khan also has an iPad app for viewing its content. You might like to try that.

For most students, Khan may perhaps best be a supplement to learning Algebra one week at a time, over the normal pace in a classroom of your peers.

But for a few students, for a number of reasons, do it yourself might be best.

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