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Title: UPMC Cancer Institutes Summer Academy


The fourth annual UPCI High School Summer Academy will provide students (national and local) with eight weeks of didactic and experiential learning at three different locations:
UPCI Summer Academy 2011

- The University of Pittsburgh Hillman Cancer Center, Shadyside Campus
- The Departments of Biomedical Informatics and Computational and Systems Biology
- The Magee–Womens Research Institute - Women’s Cancer Research Center

Doris Duke Foundation Academy for Clinical Research (DDF-ACR) integrates five established summer high school programs at the University of Pittsburgh (UP). As such it is one of nine sites in the country that provides unique opportunities for promising seniors from underrepresented minority and disadvantaged (URM/DA) backgrounds, by immersing them directly into mentored, clinical research activities.

During their experience, the selected students meeting the URM-DA criteria, will be provided a stipend and be associated with one of the five established programs. In this environment, they will work directly with researchers in clinical research training programs to develop, nurture, and support their interest and aptitude in pursuing a career in clinical research.


Subject: Science

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Content varies by research site. Partial curriculum for Hillman site included:
• Chapter 1. Biology Review. The Body / Organ systems, Anatomy, Physiology, The Cell
Goals of Cancer Research, Lab Organization, Scientific Method, (provide handouts for lab math)
Cell biology: DNA, Genes, Genetics, Proteins, Transcription, Translation, ATP

• Chapter 2. Overview of Cancer. 2.1 Where do tumors arise, 2.2 Specialized cells, 2.4 Cancer Progress, 2.5
• Chapter 2.6. Cancer etiology and epidemiology (2.6, - 2.11), Clinical/ Epidemiologic. 2.6 Frequency in
human populations. 2.7 Lifestyle risks, 2.8 chemical agents, Carcinogens vs. Mutagens, Ames test
• Chapter 3. Tumor Viruses. 3.2 Transformation, 3.3 RSV, 3.6 Integration, 3.8 src, 3.9, 3.12. Transfection.
• Chapter 4. Oncogenes. 4.3 Oncogenes discovered, 4.4 Proto-oncogenes, 4.5 myc oncogene, 4.6 changes that
make oncogenes
• Chapter 5. Growth Factors. 5.1 cell-cell signaling, 5.2 Kinases, 5.3 Growth factors, 5.4 Growth Factor

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on Apr 17, 2012 at 08:21PM

An amazing opportunity! Eight weeks of everything from bisic biology reveiw to real research. Get your app in early!

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