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Title: Kessler Horse Farm


Kessler Horse Farm is an alternative education program for high school students with emotional and behavioral challenges.

The unique learning environment at the Horse Farm supports credit recovery through small group instruction in a structured learning environment that allows students to have a flexible schedule. Program electives focus on topics related to horse care, horse training, animal anatomy, physiology and environmental issues.

The program is staffed with a team off highly qualified and licensed/certified staff who specialize in the delivery of educational services for students with emotional and behavioral challenges. Horse Farm staff work collaboratively with families and district personnel as well as mental health and drug and alcohol agencies to meet the needs of the students.


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Students enrolled at Kessler Horse Farm must be in
high school grades nine through 12.
A student enrolled in the Horse Farm typically:
• has a medical condition that precludes a full-day
• does not function successfully in a traditional
school setting
• has grades well below projected levels
• is frequently late or has excessive absences
• has a history of family or personal problems
• has issues with suspension/expulsion from school

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