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Title: The Literature of the Bible: The Bible as Literature and as an Influence on Language and Literature


No other book or source has had as much impact on our everyday language as the Bible. It's images, stories and speech are alluded to constantly in the nation's newspapers.

This course is an academic study of selected narratives, characters, discourses, proverbs, and poetry from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and a literary overview of the New Testament.

The course demonstrates the literary qualities of the Bible. It also shows clearly how a basic knowledge of the characters, themes, and motifs of the Bible are important for understanding Western literature.

An additional feature of the course is the impact translations of the Bible have had on the English language itself.


Subject: English 11

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Used in over 540 schools in 43 states, the text, "The Bible and Its Influence", is actually suitable for several courses.

Students/teachers may wish to work out a CF plan which focuses on either the literary, cultural, or historic aspects of the biblical sources.

A variety of resources are available for planning and proposing your course, you might start here:

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on Apr 05, 2012 at 07:52PM

Amazed to discover...We Ohioans seem to be rather behind on this important aspect of a vigorous education. Nine Ohio schools teach this, which isn't many. <p>Did you know that the King James version--the one that makes so much of our language--turned 400 last year?</p>

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