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Title: Teen Journey - Granville School of the Visual Arts


The GSVA Teen Journey Program, for 7th to 12th grade students with credit flex option, is a three part chronological series composed of GSVA Journey, The Art of the Self-Portrait, GSVA Journey, DreamWorlds and GSVA Journey360°. Each ten week series is a theme-based approach to building knowledge about and through the arts in a studio environment with art production in various mediums. As an end event, each young artist collaborates in designing, installing, curating and hosting an exhibition of their own work.

Teens, 7th – 12th grade, are eligible for high school credit. Many of our students take GSVA Teen Journey for high school art credit under the flexible credit provision of Ohio Senate Bill 311.

Whether pursing GSVA Teen Journey for high school art credit or not, all teens experience an innovative approach to learning critical 21st-century skills, such as creativity and visual literacy. More than that, they also learn to create and recognize truly great art and design.

Read each Journey series description for a full understanding of what the three-part series Journey Program entails.


Subject: Art

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