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Title: Game Design -Aventa Learning


This course will introduce students to the basic skills necessary for game design. They will study the
various games in the industry and analyze their approach in terms design and development. The
student will explore the processes and art of making game elements like story, levels, sound, user
interfaces, and levels. This analysis will include an orientation to the gaming market and innovative
techniques’ impact on it. Finally, the student will merge all these elements into a functional
prototype showing their understanding of the game design process.



Subject: Undetermined

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After completing the course, students will be able to: - Explain the different types of games - Build analytical thinking towards usage of game elements - Develop game play innovation principles - Express ideas clearly in writing - Integrate storytelling and game play elements - Develop a visually appealing user interface - Design sound for ambience and to announce special events in a game - Create fictional realities in games - Portray an idea in an industry-acceptable manager - Interpret and apply data from original game design documents - Build the aesthetics of interactive systems

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