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Guest, what color is a smurf?
How to get individualized learning at my own high school.
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Visual arts 1 echo
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Improv or comedy or something in performance arts.
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Who's Used Creditflex?

Suzuki Music Columbus Gerald_g_french_horn


Students at Suzuki Music Columbus were featured on an NBC4i video in late 2010. Young Mr. Martin was quite an accomplished musician, yet the normal requirements would have him taking... more

Speaking of Tablets: An idea to promote digital learning in my school 125px-flag_of_portugal.svg

I'm:  Every school offers languages. At most schools the choice is simple: French or Spanish.  My school offers these two obligatory languages and German. Really, these choices only begin to... more

Ralph Regula School of Computer Science / Project Lead the Way Pltw_logo

I'm:  What if there was a class where curiosity ruled? Where you learned not only how things worked, but how you might make them work better. Where the biggest challenge was between you and your... more

Robotics Class Johnny_automatic_calcubot


Robotics and Sharing Staff One teacher, two high schools, and a class that neither could otherwise offer. That's how the Superintendents of Montpelier & Stryker schools used Credit... more


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What Would Individualized Learning Look Like?
What if a hundred students across Ohio together took Harvard's Justice course?

Could several Ohio teachers and volunteers build a course with the wonderful art and stories at SmArtHistory?

What if a group of girls from Buckeye Women In Engineering Camp or AirCamp USA worked as a cohort the following semester?

Could 50 students across Ohio together learn from Principles of Biology, an Interactive Textbook?

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