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Question: Buckeye Women In Engineering Camp at Wooster

Exposure to engineering and science concepts, and to women doing that kind of work. • Build confidence in their ability to do science • Develop a positive attitude toward science and technology • Learn skills used in the process of scientific investigation • Plan to continue their scientific education • Broaden their knowledge of science-related careers

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My daughter is 13 and I'm looking at some of Ohio's wonderful summer institutes. One, for example, is the B-WISER summer camp at the College of Wooster. "students take a full curriculum with classes in chemistry, engineering, physics, life science, robotics and earth science. In the evening, prominent scientists share their enthusiasm in areas such as laser techniques, boomerangs, physics, and energy conservation. " The camp costs $$, I'd feel better about parting with it if my daughter could build off it toward HS credits.

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on Apr 12, 2012 at 05:58PM
hi, lllynda, This isn't ODE gospel, but there's a fine line here. On the one hand, the state wants students to be able to get credit for achievements and learning, not just for passing time in a District seat. On the other hand, if your school has a wonderful science program, and your daughter could benefit greatly from both the camp AND the school classes, CF isn't designed to either be a pass or to give credit for something you would do anyway. This is a great time to write down in more detail the benefit to be gained--now and later in HS. Maybe by getting an early credit she'd make room for some challenging class at her high school. Then talk it over with the HS staff. I asked the B-WISER staff about previous CF, and they had no info, which is not surprising given the Plan's newness. Another thing to remember is that a full lab credit for HS is 160 hours, so a one-week camp really by itself would seem more like partial credit. But things can be combined!