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Question: Air Camp USA

OK, how cool is camp at the home of US Air force R&D?! During Air Camp, you'll not only spend time at the nations' premier air research lab, you'll get to fly, visit the aviation-related attractions in the Dayton area, master the basics of aviation science in the classroom, design an air vehicle yourself, and meet and work with other amazing students who share your passions. Hosted at the University of Dayton, with experiences at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Wright Brothers NHS, and beyond, it's an experience this onetime aviation worker still would envy.

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How can Air Camp be turned into a credit-flex experience? Are any teachers willing to guide students to extend the 40 hours of learning into a quarter or semester project? We've listed a few such camps here, understanding that they'll truly engage the students for the week they are there, and perhaps instill (enhance?) in them a passion for STEM as a college program and career. How can we keep those students engaged as they go back to school? Can they learn and work beyond the science which may be available in their local building? Deepen/reinforce the lessons which will by need be fast and somewhat cursory at camp? Air campers, what is your view? How would you work together to use this experience to either advanced your school-centered science learning, or free you up to learn more history, math, rhetoric, languages, etc.? Last week I was in a seminar where a HS student told us exactly what he expected from school and teachers. What's your take?

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