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Title: Kelley's Island Unique Ecocentric Summer Educational Experience


"Kelleys Island is a nature lover’s playground. The landscape is carved by massive sheets of ice, and it’s peppered with hundreds of species of birds and rare plants, like the rock elm and northern bog violet. This summer, it will also be a classroom.

Through a partnership with a group of anthropologists and scientists, the island’s new Great Lakes Field Station will host a series of hands-on, weeklong courses for high school students who want to enjoy island life while earning school credit."

The Kelleys Island Local School District is offering a unique ecocentric summer educational experience through the creation of the GREAT LAKES FIELD STATION AT KELLEYS ISLAND. As a start-up, the FIELD STATION will be offering three programs, one for each of the first three weeks of June.

June 6-9: Entomology 2012: Miniature Masters of Human Fate

June 15 to 16: Geology 2012: Glacial Grooves and the Geological Mysteries of the Last Ice Age

June 18-23: Cultural Landscapes 2012: Island Living

Programs are suitable for grades 9-12; Students in 7 & 8th grades will be considered on a case by case basis. For more detailed program descriptions, as well as the regimen and activities, access the Kelleys island School Web site, and go to the link on the bottom left titled, Field Station.

• Programs are subject to Ohio Flex Credit System.
• Each is a full 5 day and evening program.
• Taught by subject matter experts.
• Free Attendance for appropriately aged Kelleys Island resident family students.
• Students will reside at the school gym. (Day-Hop option is available).
• All group meals: Breakfast at school; bagged lunches; take-out or Restaurant dinners.
• Field intensive days in appropriate island locations. Night activity at School.
• Student work products will be presented each Saturday morning during a Family Session; open to the public.


Subject: Science

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